Work Plan

The WELDAPRIME project has two main phases targeting the development of a weldable primer: First phase covering definition (WP1), formulation (WP2) and deposition and curing (WP3), and the second phase being characterisation and testing (WP4, WP5) and validation (WP6, WP7).

  • WP1 The project starts with the definition of the primer’s specifications and target settings. The goal is to identify the key characteristics of the primer including the type of topcoat that the primer should be compliant with. The coating solution manufacturing process and application parameters will support the setting of the target characteristics.;

  • WP2 focusses on the process of coating design, from materials selection to formulation, developing coating solution formulations and undertaking the chemical synthesis.

  • WP3 is dedicated to trials of coating deposition and curing and will determinate the processing parameter envelopes for the deposition and curing of the primer solutions.

  • WP4 centers on the characterisation of the coating where the properties and characteristics of the primer solution will be determined.

  • WP5 undertakes preliminary testing for different welding processes, joints and consumables to establish the provisional welding characteristics of the primers and the identification of the optimum process conditions.

  • WP6 will establish the welding procedure of the target demonstrator parts when the selected primer is used, and will determine the effects of accelerated aging on the properties of the primer.

  • WP7 is a demonstration activity. The industrial partners will undertake qualification standard field trials by providing a fully specified primer solution, application methodology and an appropriate welding procedure.

  • WP8 is allocated for dissemination activities (within and outside the consortium), management of knowledge and IPR protection, documentation of the social and economic aspects, and exploitation of the project results.

  • WP9 is dedicated to Consortium Management activities: coordinating IPR agreements and legal aspects, collecting deliverables and milestone reports, communications within the consortium and with the REA.

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